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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What's For Dinner Wednesday? Loaded up Nachos

It's almost May and Cinco de Mayo is coming up before we know it!  Maybe that's what put me in the mood for the recipe that I am about to share with you.  What's for Dinner Wednesday must be quick today.  I've got a full busy non-stop day ahead of me but wanted to be sure to get this on here for you.  You will love this recipe.  And if you have kids, or a husband, or a significant other, friend, any other living soul to share these with, even your Dog, they'll love you more for it too.  Not the pet fish though!  I don't think they're into Nachos.  Loaded Up Nachos.  Nachos have been one of my favorite fun recipes to make for as long as I have cooked.  These are far from junk food.  They actually turn out to be a very balanced meal, with a little something from most every food group.  Give em a shot!

You can even change the recipe up a bit if you want.  Use chicken or ground beef instead of ground buffalo if you want to.  Or, add refried beans as a topping.  Maybe use the packaged taco seasoning instead of making your own.  I used to get the packaged taco seasoning, but eventually figured that I would just make my own.  It's really easy if you have the spices on hand.

If you have never had ground buffalo, you should try it.  It's actually healthier for you than beef.  Full of flavor but lower on the saturated fat.  If you didn't know better, you would have no idea that you were eating buffalo instead of beef.  Look at your local Target or Whole Foods.  Both places have it.  I use the Maverick Ranch Brand.  They put out really good meat.  Also beef.

So here it is!  Ole Senor/Senorita!

What's For Dinner Wednesday? RECIPE:  LOADED UP NACHOS
Serves 2-3

Hardware:  Nothing special needed, unless you decide to use a mortar and pestle to make your seasoning mix.  Not really necessary, I just like to use mine when mixing spices.  Oh, and a large baking sheet for popping these into the oven for warming.

For seasoning:
1/2 tsp cumin
1 tblsp Chili Powder
1 tsp garlic powder
1/2 tsp paprika
1/2 tsp oregano
1 tsp salt

For meat:
1 lb ground buffalo or beef ( I use very lean meat so there is little grease) or boneless skinless chicken breast
2/3 cup beef broth or if using Chicken, 1 cup of chicken broth.
Seasoning mixture above

For Guacamole:
2 small avocados
3 squeezes of lime juice (little less than 1/4 lime)
1/4 tsp salt

Extra Ingredients:
Tortilla Chips ( I used Organic Blue Corn)
Cheddar Cheese (shredded)
Shredded Lettuce (I like romaine, sliced very thin)
Sour Cream
Pickled Jalapenos
Optional:  I just didn't have these on hand, but they would be perfect.  Diced Fresh Tomatoes, Warm Refried Beans. 

1) Bring oven to 250F Degrees.
2) Make Seasoning mix:  Using a Mortar and Pestle if you have one, or a bowl if not, mix together the Cumin, Chili Powder, Garlic Powder, Paprika, Oregano and Salt.

3) Make Guacamole:  Place peeled avocados in a bowl.  Smash with a fork.  Mix in Lime Juice and Salt.  Set aside

FYI:  Here is a very handy Lime/Lemon Juicer.  There won't be drop left.  It's a very good investment.  Not really necessary for this recipe because there isn't much lime juice required, unless you're making some type of beverage with lime juice to accompany the meal. Hey, not a bad idea!  So anyway, I figured I would clue you in to another favorite kitchen tool of mine. 

Fresh Cut Avocados.  Just scoop out the pulp or peel it off.  Either way works.  Look how purrrtyyy!

A little smashing action is all it takes to make Fresh Guacamole.  So easy a caveman could do it!  (forgive me for that!  Do you think Geico advertises or what?!!!)

4) Slice Lettuce thinly and Shred Cheese, set aside

5) If using Buffalo or Beef:  Brown your meat, then drain if there is excess grease, if grease bothers you.  I have to confess that I go as far as rinsing my ground beef or buffalo under very hot running water in a strainer and then adding back to the pan.  With the buffalo however, I have very little grease from the meat so rinsing is not even necessary.  Then add your broth to the meat in the pan and also the seasoning mixture and simmer until liquid is reduced to practically nothing, about 15 minutes. Add extra Salt to taste if needed.

If using chicken, no need to brown, just add your chicken,  3/4 cup or so of broth and simmer in covered pan until chicken is cooked through, about 15 minutes.  Take Chicken out and Chop.  The add chopped chicken back to the pan, Add seasoning mixture and 1/4 cup of broth ( more if necessary) for seasoning to have time to simmer with the meat for about 20 minutes.  Cook until liquid is reduced to practically nothing.  Add extra Salt to taste if needed.

6)  Place Tortilla Chips on a large Baking Sheet.  Bake in oven for about 5-7 minutes or so until warm.

7) Take Chips out of the oven, top with Meat and Cheese and Place back in the oven for 5-10 minutes to melt cheese.

8)  Take out and divide between plates.  Top with desired toppings of Guacamole, Salsa, Sour Cream, Pickled Jalapenos.  Arrange Shredded Lettuce around the side.  Or, all of the sides can be arranged alongside the chips if you wish (Shredded Lettuce, Guacamole, Sour Cream) like I did. Any way you like is fine.


Ross Avant said...

Britt and I are making this tomorrow night. I'm pumped. We both said we wished it were you making them though. Whenever I replicate one of your recipes, it's never the same.

Love you

Maggy @ Three Many Cooks said...

I LOVE nachos for dinner. Definitely making them for my Cinqo de Mayo party next week!

Lisa Avant said...

Yay Ross and Britt! I hope that they come out great. It's really hard to go wrong with Nachos. Definitely a feel good meal! Love ya'll.

Moni said...


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Your blog is stunning, the photos even more so! I am looking forward to some good reading.

Moni at Sprout Culinary

Alisa said...

The guacamole looks really delicious!This makes me so hungry!If you wont mind I'd love to guide Foodista readers to this post.Just add the foodista widget to the end of this post and it's all set, Thanks!

Andrea said...

I love nachos :) these look amazingly good too! Congrats on foodieblogroll.com, thats how I found your great blog!

Abby said...

I could eat that every day! Sometimes I make taco salad with Boca burger "meat" and just lettuce, skip the chips. With some corn on top it still tastes like nachos!

Lisa Avant said...

Hey Moni. I checked out your site and really like it alot. Thanks for contacting me. You have quite a few recipes that I'm eager to try!

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