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Friday, March 12, 2010

Will you be my guest? Follow me!

Forgetfulness is a way of thinking for me, or something like that.  What I mean is, sometimes I do so many things at once and so many thoughts go through my mind simultaneously that there are moments that I have no clue what I am doing or why.  Sounds weird huh?  Well, the best way to focus in on a thought or a project, for me anyway, is to write about it.  So then I write it down.

I recently realized that there are many time periods and events in my life that I don't remember clearly, or at all, for some reason. Maybe it's because I have 32 years of memories, which seems like alot for a mind like mine.  Funny thing is that my 89 year old Grandma Claire seems to remember all 89 years of her life.  Some refer to my "condition" as selective memory, some call it having too "good" (not really) of a time in high school/college, some call it coping, or maybe Attention Deficit Disorder.  All that I know is that I am constantly moving from one thing to the next and writing is the best way for me to brainstorm, create, reflect and absorb.

The one and only, Grandma Claire!

I rarely do the same thing the same way twice.  Why?  I have not a clue.  Maybe because I despise boredom and organization is just not my thing no matter how hard I try.  I like to say things such as "there is a method to my madness" and "a messy office is a sign of brilliance", whether this is true or not I don't know.  Do you consider this a negative?  I consider it keeping things interesting, which is a postive, most of the time.  It would be great to have a system and I admire those who can stay on task from start to finish all of the time, like my little dove "squatters" in the courtyard.  At the same time, I admire those who have no system but are creative and disorganized free spirited people.  Then there are those who have a bit of both, which I guess you can call the Happy-Mediums or  RARITIES.  Balance is just one of those characteristics that doesn't come naturally and takes much discipline to develop.  Not that it can't be done now!

So my point is, who knows what is going to show up on this blog or who will be asked to guest publish a post or what they will even be about?  This is why I hope that you will choose to become a follower.  To do so click the Follow tab on the left hand side or at the top of the page.  Become a follower, in a good way!  I'll do my best to keep it as real, live, interesting and tasty as I can, ALWAYS with a Positive something, somewhere in each post.  Want to guest post about something that you are passionate about doing or that you think would be interesting to others and fit this blog?  Tried a recipe posted here and liked it, or not?  Have a comment or thought about something that was written?  Any suggestions?  Then Comment!  I would love to know what you are thinking!

PS:  Pictured below is a chick who knows how to focus, not get sidetracked, and get the job done!  I guess it would be fun the first go around, but after that , I couldn't keep the same routine for my whole life, over and over again.  But she seems to be fine with it.  She is of the two (not counting the eggs) doves "squatters" in my courtyard.  If you have no clue what this refers to, see the first Post on this blog.  Check it:

The Dove nest, built, but empty. My favorite part? The little green sprig in there. Quite tasteful if I do say so myself.


And the product? Soooo Cute! Oh, and there's that little green sprig again.  Still green after 4 days.  (Yes, nearly killed myself taking this picture in high heels, straight from work on the very top of the ladder, seizing the moment. The devil made me do it!  Or maybe my husband did, and No they are not one in the same!)

And, if you're wondering, the Mamma Dove came back about 5 minutes later and is sitting in the nest as I type.  Here she is.

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susiebroussard said...

Sisters for a reason! We are so much alike it is crazy. Both procastinators with great intentions and forgetful because we have so much we want to do. We both hardly ever have enough gas in our vehicles to get us back and fourth from our destinations. One of us will always have enought to help the other one who is in a bind! We both love others so deeply that we worry so much about them. All qualities put together, I am so glad that we have each other, bestfriends foresure!

My life is full these days. School, work, children, husband, family, house chores, etc... Life is great,an adventure everytime I open my eyes. So much shoved into one day that I sometimes cant remember what I even did on a day to day basis. That is how I function. Creative, disorganized, constantly trying to be organized, and just living life! Cant wait for graduation in December! That is my goal right now and also to make sure I have time to be with those I love!

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