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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Thanks to my "Peeps" for inspiring

After much procrastination, which anyone who knows me well understands is part of my nature, I have finally decided to begin my initial post.  I guess the term "Peeps" in this instance has a dual meaning  in relation to this blog.  Yes, it's cool to call your friends/family/supporters "Peeps".  I guess I'm still pretty cool (at least my Uncle J. told me so, and yes, I like to say that he is the epitomy of cool so I believe him! JOKING, about me of course, not you Uncle J.).  The whole reason for starting this blog is to encourage all of my "Peeps", whom I just so happen to love a whole lot, to connect, share and inspire each other with creative and optimistic expressions by guest posting and commenting.

Also, however, I (in my utter dorkiness) was inspired by two nesting doves, hence the word "peeps" in this post, who are in the process of building a nest on top of the gutter in my courtyard.  Yes, I am a candy addict and "Peeps" are in fact birds, in my opinion.  If you doubt this, just go to your nearest drugstore or Target and look in the Easter candy aisle.  There now, you see?!!  Peeps, little marshmallow baby birds in a variety of colors.  Okay, so I know that the famous marshmallow candy is also created in the shape of bunnies and any other object that can be related to a holiday.  Who can blame them for exploiting the classic marshmallow birds due to the year round demand for marshmallowy goodness?  Anyway, the bird wins because no matter bunny, christmas tree or pumpkin, they are still referred to as peeps! 

So enough of my digressions and back to the topic at hand.   The two doves have worked from almost exactly 6:30am thru 9:00am every day for over two weeks in an attempt to build the perfect nest.  For two weeks, every twig that they carried to the gutter fell to the ground.  The gutter is lopsided and metal and there was no way that this nest was going to work.  Any practical mind could tell. 

At times I questioned the birds' intelligence.  Why insist when something is not working?  Is it perseverance or ignorance?  Well, due to my husband M.'s absolute love of birds (you'll read about this at a later date), we decided to give the little birds a hand.  We had a sales clerk totally involved at the nearest World Market in finding the perfect "nesting basket" and eventually found one with a bottle of wine in it (Perfect! Something for the birds, something for us.)  When we got home, we cut the handle off, stuffed all of the fallen twigs into it and tied it with natural twine to the gutter.  Then we waited. 

Sure enough, 6:30am the following morning, we hear the birds, look outside and see the female sitting inside and the male working overtime.  It was questionable whether or not they would accept our assistance, but exciting that they did.  He flew to and fro quickly, picking out twigs and other materials to fill the basket while she purposely arranged the findings carefully piece by piece.  This has been going on for the past three days.  We are just waiting for the birds to move in permanently once the nest is perfected, just in time to lay eggs.

Each of us has a nest, which is the object of our creation influenced by the contributions of our "Peeps".  Its purpose is to give us shelter from the sometimes negative and brutal outside world.  A place to go for rejeuvenation so that we can go back out and be positive.  Ideally, it is an inspiring, encouraging, humble and nurturing culture, community, family and sense of identity.  We carefully choose the objects that we decide to use to create our nest, while leaving others by the wayside.  "The Best From My Nest" is intended to be just that. A variety of topics, thoughts, projects, lighthearted short writings, and of course RECIPES.  Hopefully "The Best From My Nest" will be something good for your's too. I have learned not to have expectations in life, but to have dreams and ambitions, and in the case of this blog, I don't know what is in store for it, but I have high hopes that it will be fulfilling.  I look forward to the sharing and interaction that will result.

Good Night!

M. setting up the Dove Nest Penthouse

All set up, will they move in? Or not?

Doves like it and wonder how this magically appeared. Well, however it happened, let's get to work!

Bird's Eye View... looking at the nest from the rooftop after a productive morning, Finally!

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Anonymous said...

Love the pictures very refreshing. I once stood on a hill over looking a great ocean and gave thanks to Jah for all the blessing that Jah has giving me and one of those blessing is you. Love the blog.
Uncle J

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